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SOGO SINGLE HEADED FAN 12V for car dashboard

SOGO SINGLE HEADED FAN 12V for car dashboard

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Material: ABS plastic
Color: Black
Brand: SOGO
Mini Size perfect for car
Stylish design
Easy to install
This SOGO Fan 12v 360°rotatable, making the fan cover more area suitable for more people use. Powerful wind to drive out hot air and bad smells out of cars and cool the sitting area very quickly. The noise is as little as 45db due to the design of a complete copper motor. By using two stickers, the fans can be fixed on the instrument panel or in the armrest area. The fan is made of high-quality ABS material, and will not hurt your hands if touching it accidentally. Meanwhile, it will save your gas or power in the car. Strong wind helps cool the car in hot weather, distributes the air in all corners, and eliminates pets' smells. No matter in a truck, an SUV, or a sand-beach vehicle.

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